Publish Your Baseball Book

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Summer Game Books welcomes publication submissions and inquiries about our packaging services.   We respond to all correspondence promptly.  Please direct emails to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Regular mail correspondence should be sent to:PO Box 818, South Orange, NJ 07079.  

Submissions may take any number of forms—from a brief inquiry, to an outline, to a link to a blog, to a formal proposal.   

Reach out in any way that is comfortable.  All projects begin with a dialog, and hardest step can be starting the conversation.  Please bear in mind, however, that the more information and material are provided, the clearer picture we will have of the strengths of the project.  A 1-2 page summary, an outline, and sample chapter can all help fast-track a title’s acceptance and publication.

All submissions and related communication will be kept in the strictest of confidence.  No concepts, content, or conversation will be shared with any outside party, and remain the exclusive property of the author.   Authors interested in our publishing services but wishing to self-publish or to contract with another house should include the word “package” in the subject of their email or cover letter. These include: editorial development, ghost writing, copy editing, production prep, design and file creation, manufacturing, and distribution consultation.

The 4-Step Success Plan

Summer Game Books titles benefit from a 4-step strategic review.  Authors receive one-on-one consultations in the four key areas of publishing:  Editorial, Marketing, Business, and Production.  The results are a blueprint for every book’s success.

Step 1- EDITORIAL: Manuscript Assessment

Author content is reviewed and evaluated for its publishing merits.  The intellectual and entertainment value, thematic organization and clarity, writing quality, commercial appeal, and more, are considered.  A detailed action plan for the development and publication of the work is prepared, discussed, and implemented. 

Step 2 -SALES & MARKETING: Promotional Planning

A marketing consultation is held with authors to determine how to achieve maximize exposure for their books and to drive sales.  The roles and contributions of author and publisher are defined, and a marketing plan is devised accordingly. Guidance and support are provided for self-marketing techniques authors can utilize. Recommendations are made for optional marketing services that would be most effective for the particular publication. 

Step 3 - PRODUCTION: Content Evaluation

Summer Game Books brings considerable expertise to every project in the areas of file preparation and manufacturing. Production considerations can be critical to the proper execution and success of a title due to the wide variety range of content that makes up baseball books, and the multitude of formats the content must be compatible with to reach the maximum audience.

Step 4 -BUSINESS OPERATIONS: Product Distribution    

A publishing track is agreed based on author and publisher expectations and the resources each will bring to the project.  The scope of the content and its target markets are considered, which inform a discussion of format and price, as well as the appropriate distribution model.

Royalties and Rights

Authors have a variety of royalty options with Summer Game Books.  Payments are based on net receipts, which allows for a higher percentage payout, as well as simplifying tracking and reporting. Our agreements are publishing partnerships, and higher royalties are paid to authors who make greater contributions to the project in any of the process areas – Editorial, Marketing, or Sales.

Authors can opt to retain rights to their work by having Summer Game Books be a packager and/or distributor of their title, rather than publisher.  This can be a better option for authors who are looking for distribution that does not fit into any of the SGB models, or whose title is not a good fit for the SGB list.