Summer Game Books’ Hollywood Connection

My30Ballpk FnlCvr6x9 0x300"Fenway Park,” by Lindsay FrostSGB is very fortunate to have paintings by Lindsay Frost gracing the covers of two of our titles. Soap opera fans and fans of television in general will recognize Lindsay’s name from her first big role in As the World Turns in the 1980s. Since that time she has appeared in dozens of shows and films.

I knew none of this when I came across her paintings one day while surfing for suitable cover art. All I knew was that this was a person who has a strong emotional connection to and understanding of baseball. It really came through her art.

 But when I saw a photograph of Lindsay, even I, oblivious to most popular culture, recognized her.   She has been on TV A LOT!

Speaking with Lindsay about using her art was a real pleasure. She was so enthusiastic about the idea of being on a book cover, and very modest about her skills as an artist. She mentioned nothing about her other career as an actress.

At one point she did bring up her brother, Mark Frost, because he wrote a baseball book called GAME 6. Cretin that I am, I didn’t know who he was either, but a quick trip to Wikipedia remedied that. Writer for Hill Street Blues, co-creator of Twin Peaks, producer, author of several best sellers, and on and on.

Wow, I thought, there sure is some talent in that family.   On a subsequent call, we made our business arrangement and discussed the technical logistics of what was needed and what was available.  A few days later I received high-res art for the two paintings and the cover design process got under way.

web Everything CvrcompNow, back to that talent in her family. At some point in our conversations Lindsay mentioned matter-of-factly that she has a son who plays baseball. Pretty good at it too; in the Washington Nationals’ organization. Back to the internet I went, only to be blown away once more.

Lindsay is married to actor Rick Giolito. One of their sons is named Lucas, Lucas Giolito, the number one pitching prospect of the Nats, and one of the top prospects in all of baseball.

I guess you can say not only talent runs in the family. Baseball does, too.

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Sunday, 03 December 2023

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