Eyes Within the Diamond: Inside the Game, Outside the Box

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A new take on some of the game's oldest issues and questions.
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EYES WITHIN THE DIAMOND is a unique collection of essays and statistical analysis, featuring a fresh look at some of the eternal questions of the game. Stacey Marc Goldman’s baseball expertise and perspective are a combination of a large dose of sabermetrics and an enduring love and respect for the history of the game, and include a major nod to stars of the Negro Leagues from the dark days before integration. 


  • A ranking of the top players of all time by position, the top starters and relievers, and the greatest overall
  • Brief profiles of many of greatest to have played the game, from Josh Gibson to Brooks Robinson to Yogi Berra
  • Dozens of intriguing player comparison, like Pujols/Helton, Bonds/Ruth, Winfield/Dawson, Brett/Schmidt, Gossage/Fingers, Brock/Raines, Clemens/Seaver, and many, many more
  • A new player performance tool for both batters and pitchers that boils down all their various contributions on the field to a single number
  • Other fun and informative lists like greatest power/speed guys, pinch hitters, most monumental trades, top post-season performers, most underrated players of all time, and more
  • A rich history of Canadian baseball teams, from the Toronto Maple Leafs to the Toronto Blue Jays, including lists of the all-time best by position of the two major league franchises
  • Thoughtful essays about the deep injustices that scar the history of the game, with views by the author that inform both the player evaluations and the narrative of the book

Great for a quick browse, a long read, to research a fact or settle an argument, EYES WITHIN THE DIAMOND is a thought-provoking and fun trip into the heart of baseball.

1. The Heart of the Game: Brief Essays
2. Greatest Players by Position
3. Other Greats, Other Lists
4. Profiles of the Greats
5. Player Comparisons – Part I
6. Player Comparisons – Part II
7. Player Comparisons – Part III
8. The History of the Canadian Teams, and the Greatest Toronto Blue Jays and Montreal Expos of All Time
9. Statistical Analysis – Batters, Starters, Closers
10. Players From Around the World
11. Final Analysis

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