Global Baseball Classroom: Reflections Beyond Home

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The Global Baseball Classroom
Experience baseball in Africa, Germany, Arctic Canada, and beyond with Brent Loehr, International Envoy for Major League Baseball. 5 1/2 x 8 1/2" 192pp pbk. pub 6/3/15.
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Take an unforgettable trip with Brent Loehr, and educator and former Envoy for Major League Baseball International, as he shares his unique experiences with the game in such faraway places as Zimbabwe, Sweden, Germany, and the Canadian Arctic.

Baseball is the vehicle but life and human connectedness are the real story told in these travel essays.  As the author describes in his introduction, "The pieces contained in this book are not about me. Perhaps they aren't really about baseball in a way. I think what they reveal is that something valuable can be learned in pretty much every situation...and baseball itself can open doors to an intriguing classroom filled with remarkable people. For me, a little round ball has stitched acquaintances together from all over the world, and provided an opportunity to travel across three continents and form lifelong friendships in five." 

Share the humor, frustration, joy, and amazement of coaching and playing the most American of games so far from home. The lessons taught and learned from Brent's journey stretch well beyond the ball field. You will never look at baseball, or life, the same.


Qablunaaq on Hudson Bay

Have You Ever Heard of Jim Abbott?

Just a Ball

Blame Joe

Hitters Are Like Snowflakes

Arbeit Macht Frei (Work Will Set You Free)

Out of His Left Mind

Africa Diary - Uganda

Africa Diary - Zimbabwe

Following Terry Puhl

Long Toss

Svenska Kocken (Swedish Chef)

"If You Build It..."

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