Steve Myers


Steve Myers grew up in Milwaukee and has been a Brewers fan for as long as he can remember, but it was Cleveland Indians' pitcher Bert Blyleven that shocked him into the universe of endless baseball lore.

Steve was 13 when he poked his head into the Indians dugout and asked, "Can I have your autograph Mr. Blyleven?" Neal Heaton approached instead and distracted him so Blyleven could set Steve's shoelaces on fire.  The boy had been hotfooted.  He also received an autographed baseball.

Steve collected baseball cards, pursued a broadcasting career in his living room, and played a solid left field for his high school team.

He studied history at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and graduated with honors. It was James Liddy's Beat Literature class, however, that jumpstarted Steve's poetry and wanderlust. He studied in southern spain, lived in San Francisco and Brooklyn, and for the last 13 years in Montreal, Quebec, where he witnessed the end of Expos baseball.

Steve recently earned a graduate diploma in journalism from Montreal's Concordia University.  He has published articles on a variety of topics, from university baseball to the Native American naming of the streets.  He is author of the baseball blog, Brewers Baseball and Things. Dreaming .400 is his first book.