Impossible Dream 1967 Red Sox: Birth of Red Sox Nation

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Relive the Impossible Dream 1967 season with Red Sox Nation insider Herb Crehan. Intimate profiles of 14 key members of the team. 6 x 9" 300pp
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The Impossible Dream 1967 Red Sox: Birth of Red Sox Nation is the story of the 100-to-1 underdogs who captivated New England and forever changed the reputation of the franchise from perennial loser to one of the most popular and most intensely followed franchises in all of sports.

Enjoy 14 chapters of classic Red Sox history, each comprised of an intimate interview and profile of a key member of the team, and each featuring a detailed account of a critical game from the incredible pennant race that now, even 50 years later, still ranks as one of the most thrilling in baseball history.

Author Herb Crehan—a regular contributor to Red Sox magazine for more than 20 years—combines his unparalleled access to the team’s players with his unparalleled knowledge and love for the team. The result is an intimate and detailed history that could not have been written by anyone else.

The book features chapters on Carl Yastrzemski, George Scott, Rico Petrocelli, Reggie Smith, Dick Williams, and many more, plus a foreword by World Series hero Jim Lonborg.  

Learn fresh new details about the Impossible Dream season. 

  • Young (but already fiery) Dick Williams’ Spring Training culture change
  • Bill Rohr’s near no-hitter in his first big league game in April
  • The 10,000 fans (including the author) who mobbed Logan Airport to greet the team in July
  • The tragic beaning in August of star right fielder Tony Conigliaro
  • The superhuman efforts of Carl Yastrzemski that led to a pennant and a Triple Crown
  • Winning the pennant on the last day of the season, and taking the mighty Cardinals to 7 games in the World Series

The book also includes a heart-felt foreword by Cy Young winner, World Series star, and New England local hero Jim Lonborg. 

Long-time Red Sox fans will love reliving the once-in-a-lifetime season. Younger fans will enjoy learning about the beginnings of Red Sox Nation. And all fans will appreciate the scholarship and lively writing on a magical team from a beloved era of baseball history. 



Chapter One – In the Beginning
Opening Day, Wednesday, April 12, 1967

Chapter Two - Russ Gibson 
Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees, Friday, April 14, 1967

Chapter Three - George Scott 
Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers Doubleheader, Sunday, May 14, 1967

Chapter Four - Joe Foy 
Boston Red Sox vs. New York Yankees, Wednesday, June 21, 1967

Chapter Five - Gary Bell 
Boston Red Sox vs. Cleveland Indians Doubleheader, Sunday July 23, 1967

Chapter Six - Mike Andrews 
Boston Red Sox vs. Kansas City Athletics, Thursday August 3, 1967

Chapter Seven - Tony Conigliaro 
Boston Red Sox vs. California Angels - Friday, August 18, 1967

Chapter Eight – Dalton Jones 
Boston Red Sox vs. California Angels, Friday, August 18, 1967

Chapter Nine - Rico Petrocelli 
Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago White Sox, Saturday, August 26, 1967

Chapter Ten - Reggie Smith 
Boston Red Sox vs. Detroit Tigers, Tuesday, September 19, 1967

Chapter Eleven - Carl Yastrzemski 
Boston Red Sox, Wednesday, September 20, 1967 through Sunday, October 1, 1967

Chapter Twelve – Jose Santiago 
Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins, Saturday, September 30, 1967

Chapter Thirteen - Jim Lonborg
Boston Red Sox vs. Minnesota Twins, Sunday, October 1, 1967

Chapter Fourteen - Dick Williams
Boston Red Sox vs. St. Louis Cardinals, Wednesday, October 4 through Thursday, October 12, 1967


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