Fastball Fari: A Novel

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5 1/2x8 1/2" 264pp pbk. pub 8/8/14. The story of the first woman player to make the major leagues, and how she falls victim to America's schizophrenia over celebrity while upending baseball's institutionalized greed machine.
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ISBN 978-1-938545-29-0
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Fari Madrigal throws 95, has an awesome curve, and pinpoint control. And by the way, she is a woman—a beautiful, mystical, 22-year-old from the Dominican Republic. Minnesota Twins pitching coach Chet (Mac) Macquire sees Fari on YouTube, signs her, and inserts her at the front of the rotation.

A press conference announces Fari’s arrival; an exhibition confirms her skills. Disbelief and curiosity turn into mass hysteria. Everyone wants a piece of Fari. But Fari suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome. The relentless media and crazed public are unbearable. Gripped by fear and panic, Fari longs for home.

Mac is Fari’s protector, and his awe and amazement soon turn into love. Meanwhile, Fari’s mother metes out social justice by exploiting the greed of the Twins’ owner, while team trainer Doc Harris develops his own obsession, one that could be mortally dangerous.

The world awaits Fari’s debut. Will her magical baseball powers elevate her to immortality, or will her inner demons and the heartless onslaught of the material world swallow her up before she realizes her dream?


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